Chocolate farm (Workshops)

So how does it work here?

  • you need to book in advance the places for anyone who wants to go into the workshop (participants and lenders), day and time you want to arrive.
  • The workshop itself you will choose upon arrival to us, each participant can choose a different workshop and still sit together around the same table (like a restaurant where everybody invites his dish and sit together).
  • you have to be half an hour before the start of the workshop – To get the explanation and select the desired workshop
  • The workshops are carried out through the booking website Book button anywhere workshops
  • For each order, you can order up to 10 places, including places to
    accompanied .Allow up to two escorts per family, per follows is ₪ 15 per person, and it makes little activity of preparing Lolipop chocolate with workshop participants.
  • If you are several families comming together, please booke for each family separately and add a remark in the remrks spot thet you are together. 
  • Orders over 10 places (for groups), contact us on the phone,             Dgania: 04-6755608 Tzuba: 02-5347650.
  • Entry will not be permitted to those who were late. Please make sure to arrive on time 
  • At the end of the workshop your works will go to cool in the refrigerator, and the participants invited to watch our film, at the end of the film it will take us about 20 minutes more to finish packing you your works.

Welcome to the chocolate farm of Galita

  • in the Chocolate Farm of Galita you can enjoy from our workshops center (for adults and children), our choclte Bar (with our special chocolate desserts, home made ice cream and special hot and cold drinks), our movie and our factory store.
  • Before you come to us, we invite you to view all the activities we offer at the workshop center.
  • For all  the workshops please book in advance through the button "book a workshop"
  • Before you do this please read the instructions under the button "how it works" inside you will find all the answers you need before makinf the reservation.
  • we are pleased to present you the workshops that we have (if you stand with your mouse on the image you will see its name and price, if you click on the picture you will see the full details of the workshop)
Book a workshop Activities for companies and groups
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