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Welcome to the chocolate farm of Galita

We are happy to announce that our Chocolate Farm in Degania is now open for activities! We offer you A Sweet Chocolate Movie, great chocolate workshop, An Adventure in the Chocolate Garden (come play!) , Our delicious and unique Home-made Ice Cream Bar, and of course, our store is open and filled with many excellent choices! Personal packages, chocolate treats, pralines, creative kits and much more.

Fun Day of Chocolate & Nature
A short film about chocolate and Galita
Visiting Our Chocolate Farm
Chocolate workshop for adults and childrens
An adventure in the chocolate garden
  • The visit will begin at the hour you have booked, with meeting the host to choose the workshop you would like to prepare. Then you'll watch a short film about chocolate (The film starts 15 minutes after the time you have booked). At the end of the film you will continue to the workshop center to create your chocolate of choice. At the end of the workshop you will receive a puzzle from our instructors and embark on an adventure in the garden.
  • The entire duration of the visit is about an hour and a half and is suitable from age three.
  • Price per participant is 99 NIS
  • Prior to arrival you must book a reservation in advance with the "book a workshop" button.
  • In addition, you can also enjoy our chocolate bar that includes hot and cold drinks, our excellent pralines and homemade ice cream, and the factory store that offers a large and rich range of Galita products for chocolate lovers.
  • The chocolate farm in Degania is open on Saturdays and holidays and therefore does not have a kashrut certificate. All the products and raw materials are Kosher Lemehadrin Halav Israel.
  • The chocolate farm in Tzuba is Kosher Lemehadrin, Halav Yisrael (closed on Saturdays and holidays)

My Dream House

Building a 3D chocolate house


Making great chocolate lollipops and "petit fours" (small chocolate  desserts).
The shapes of lollipops change from time to time

Our car is small and sweet

Building 3D chocolate car

Loving Chocolate

Pralines in two different filling texture and two different techniques: pralines on sticks and dipping pralines

Chocolate Laboratory

Chocolate desserts in crisp dough, and "Mondeon" chocolate snacks
with various toppings on them

Sweet Thoughts

Making a personalized chocolate tablet and amazing pralines

Photos from our workshops: