Liqueur and choco-shots (chocolate shot glasses).
A package of chocolate liqueur (choose from 6 different flavors) and choco-shots (6 dark chocolate “shot glasses”).
the flavors to choose from:
  • classic chocolate liquer
  • choclate and cofee liquer
  • chocolate and Hazelnuts liquer
  • cappuccino (caramel cream) liquer
  • chocolate and banana liquer
  • chocolate and mint liquer
Liqueur: 250 ml
Shot Glasses: 60g
Packaging: Clear PVC box
When placing your order, please mention which liqueur you would like to receive in the comments field.
Kosher Dairy (Chalav Nochri) under the supervision of Rabbi Shlomo (Didi) Shlita of the Jordan Valley Rabbinate.

Weight: 60 Grams
Price: 65
Amount: + 1 - Total: 65