True Love Gift Set

A sweet gift set filled with love.
Chocolate for your loved ones, filled with lots of indulgent treats for special moments.
The package includes:
  • The 5 Blessing praline package from the Galita collection (about 70g)
  • Milk chocolate and coconut kisses (chocolate sticks covered in coconut) (80g)
  • Dark chocolate and cocoa nib kisses (chocolate sticks covered in cocoa nibs) (80g)
  • A large chocolate bar with "I Love You" on it (in English) (140g)
  • A trio of hearts – 3 chocolate squares (milk, white, and dark) topped with hearts (30g)
  • Chocolate heart on a stick (12g)
  • Chocolate lollipop with the word "Love" (in Hebrew) (25g)
  • 3 stemmed chocolate flowers made with milk, white, and dark chocolate (36g)
  • A love note; inside is a large chocolate bar covered with crunchy chocolate pearls (100g)
  • Choco-heart – a package of mini milk, white, and dark chocolate hearts (80g)
  • Milk chocolate bar with almonds (100g)

Weight of Chocolate: 753g
Packaging: Brown-and-cream festive gift package

The package includes a sweet card where you can add a personal greeting.
When placing your order, please mention what you would like to write on the card.
Kosher Dairy (Chalav Nochri) under the supervision of Rabbi Shlomo (Didi) Shlita of the Jordan Valley Rabbinate.

Weight: 753 Grams
Price: 180
Amount: + 1 - Total: 180