Hot Drinks

A wonderful package that combines chocolate with hot drinks.
A sweet package of various chocolate items to add to your favorite hot drinks: hot chocolate, coffee, and tea.
The package includes:
  • Sweet Spoonful – a package of 4 chocolate spoons that melt in your drink (2 milk chocolate, 1 dark chocolate, 1 white chocolate) (88g)
  • Cookita – 3 large white, milk, and dark chocolate discs filled with cookie crumbs (66g)
  • Set of 4 pralines from the Galita collection (about 56g)
  • Milk chocolate fingers – a chocolate bar filled with hazelnut cream, nougat, and crispy rice (80g)
  • Plain milk chocolate for making hot chocolate (200g)
  • Plain dark chocolate for making hot chocolate (200g)

Weight of Chocolate: 690g
Packaging: Brown gift box featuring a rooster

Kosher Dairy (Chalav Nochri) under the supervision of Rabbi Shlomo (Didi) Shlita of the Jordan Valley Rabbinate.

Weight: 690 Grams
Price: 120
Amount: + 1 - Total: 120