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Other ideas for employee birthday gifts.
An employee birthday is a great opportunity to present a personalized gift to celebrate the professional relationship you share.

The gift includes:
2 servings of A Sweet Touch: personal packages filled with lots of sweet things. One package has mini chocolate hearts made from milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate (weight 40 grams) and the other package has 2 pralines from Galita's best pralines (weight 28 grams).Package size: 5x5x5 cm (the package is a 6-sided cube)
Package: Cellophane and Ribbon

We also provide a "Sweet Birthday" service, where you send us a list of all your employees and their birthdays, and each month we send you the appropriate number of packages to hand out to everyone with a birthday that month.
You can personalize the packages with the company colors and logo, include a personal message, add the employee’s name to the package – anything you like.
And of course you can also extend this gift option to families of employees, clients, or suppliers.
For additional information and orders, please call: 04-6755608

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