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From All of Our Hearts

Another idea for employee birthday gifts.
An employee birthday is a great opportunity to present a personalized gift to celebrate the professional relationship you share.
The gift includes:
  • A large chocolate bar made from milk chocolate, white chocolate, or dark chocolate wrapped in an envelope in the shape of a greeting card. A personal message can be included on the front  of the postcard (weight 100 grams).
  • A white chocolate coin imprinted with the company logo and stuffed with walnut cream filling (diameter 4.5 cm, weight 20 grams). 
Package: Cellophane and Ribbons

We also provide a "Sweet Birthday" service, where you send us a list of all your employees and their birthdays, and each month we send you the appropriate number of packages to hand out to everyone with a birthday that month.
You can personalize the packages with the company colors and logo, include a personal message, add the employee’s name to the package – anything you like.
And of course you can also extend this gift option to families of employees, clients, or suppliers.
For additional information and orders, please call: 04-6755608

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